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Cooly's Hot Box Hiro and Domic Martin Shur I Khan Polyphonics - Cipher Hiro 2.0 EP Milton Jackson - Giawol EP Cooly's Hot Box

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Yes We Are Still Here

Dont worry, were still here doing our thing. it's just that our thing of late has been some of that deep house vibe. So we have been concentrating on Tronicsole some of whom's fine output can be heard here. And of course we are on Facebook and Twitter.

Sole Classics: Deep Vocals

We have gone into the Sole catalogue and pulled out the finest deep vocals from the label over it's last 15 years. Peruse for yourself here.

These lovely chaps at

Now stock our catalogue. Boom.

Solemusic arrives on Itunes

Whilst we have had our albums on Itunes for a while, we are now proud to announce that our whole catalogue is on the number one music download site. To get things going we have done a lovely little introductory comp. You can check that out here.

Cracking new Homecookin' remixes

Homecookin' All About the Mind Remixes (SOLE066) by tronicsole

Return of the House Nerds with Milton Jackson and HiRO

HiRO Old Skool Deep House Mix by HiRO

Relating to this event here.

New HiRO Neptune EP on Tronicsole

HiRO Neptune EP Tronicsole (TSOLE085) by tronicsole

Facebook Like button for Tronicsole

Tronicsole 2nd Birthday with Shur-i-kan 26/3/11

Was amazin. Check the pictures here.

Tronicsole Remix Competition....Remix a HiRO Track

All the info is here.

Last Tronicsole with Milton Jackson and HiRO

Was our best yet. Why not check out the photays. Click Me. Click Me. Click Me!

New Tronicsole Sessions Sampler

Tronicsole Sessions Sampler Part 2: So Good So Far by tronicsole

New HiRO Release on Tronicsole

HiRO Ruby Likes Bells Too Tronicsole Tsole082 by tronicsole

Harri and Domenic's New RA Podcast

Includes the awesome new HiRO track forthcoming on Tronicsole. Go here.

New HiRO DJ Mix for July

HiRO July '10 DJ Mix by HiRO

Tronicsole with Vincenzo and HiRO July 31st

Was amazing! Thanks to y'all for coming down.

Superecordings 2010

Sister label Superecordings has some serious tuneage in the pipeline. More info can be found here.

HiRO beatport chart for June

Can be aurally consumed here.

New HiRO DJ mix for you and you and you.

You can listen and download here. Ok.

Tronicsole Sessions in London @ East Village

Was bloody marvellous. Check the photos here.

Tronicsole @ The Admiral with Milton Jackson and HiRO

Wow. How good was that! Back in July with Vincenzo.

Tronicsole 1st Birthday with Jimpster

It was amazing. Roll on next month with Milton Jackson. Thanks to everyone who made it down.

This Saturday, Tronicsole Sessions in Aberdeen with Milton Jackson and HiRO

Get involved here.

Cracking New Palm Skin Productions on Tronicsole

Palm Skin Productions 'Head on a String/Never Do You' Includes HiRO Remix Tronicsole (Tsole079) by tronicsole

HiRO Facebook Fan Page


Promote your Page too

New HiRO and Billy Shane on Tronicsole

HiRO and Billy Shane 'SAAY' Includes Matt Masters Remix Tsole080 by tronicsole

HiRO goes deep with a vocal

HiRO Feat Ian Whitelaw 'Dance With Me/Lift Me Up' by tronicsole

New Hiro Beatport chart

Check it ahhhhhht.

Seiji Aka Homecookin' gets remixed

Bugz in the Attic Presents Homecookin' 'Stay Away'  by  tronicsole

Steve Ferrand gets in a tussle with Francois Dubois

Steve Ferrand Natural High/Playground Includes Francois Dubois Remix  by  tronicsole

New Dominic Martin single on Tronicsole

Out now. Its really rather good. Check it. Reactions.

New Hiro Beatport Chart

Can be found here.

Tronicsole: Motor City Drum Ensemble

Thanks for everyone for coming down. Cracking night, MCDE rocked it. Perfect. Photos.

Hiro Peanuts is out now. It is amazing.

Check it out here. Reactions here.

A new Dj mix from Hiro

is here.

Halloween with Tronicsole

Was a great party. Thanks to y'all for coming down and thanks to Milton Jackson for rocking it. Nice. Next up is Gorge @ The Admiral Nov 21st. Yes please.

Yeup, another Hiro Beatport Chart

A wee bit more serious than my recent resident advisor one.

Milton Jackson You Dont Know Out Now with Cracking Gorge Remix

Kind of says it all above. Why dont you have a listen and possibly purchase here?

Superecordings Taking Over Planet House

Well almost. The first three releases have been serious damage. Check em out here. Daddy's favourite reincarnation was in the Traxsource top ten for almost a month and lo and behond we have a new autobiographical release from Geoff M and Terrence T entitled OCD. Listen? Join our Superecordings Facebook group for regular updates.

New Stevie Sole Beatport Chart


Hiro Beatport Chart for August.

Is available for your perusal here.

Hiro has concocted another fine mixtape.

Check it here.

Hiro Wonkypiano/Bodybeat Milton Jackson and Chris Harris Remixes

Click here to have a listen. As supported by everyone on the planet that has ever stood behind two decks of some sort.

Tronicsole @ the Admiral with Shur I kan July 25th was really gid

Bloody marvellous night had by all. Special thanks to big Tam Shur I Kan. Next month anyone?

Solemusic Launches new imprint, Superecordings.

We love house music over here at solemusic towers and thus we decided to put out some foundation shaking four to the floor monsters. Here's a taster.

Robinson Wall Project's Deep Down get's an 09 makeover.

The first ever release on Sole and a defining classic for the label get's remastered in continuation of our Soleclassic series. Deep Sensation's Remixes in both dub and vocal form made a huge impact across the more sophisticated dancefloors of the world. Here we turn to our friends in Berlin, Highwood Audio ( to do their restoration and mastering magic and bring these great remixes up to date. Listen here.

Winner's Of the Milton Jackson Remix Competition.

Milton Jackson and I have come with a winner for the Tronicsole remix competition. Well actually we came up with two winners. Firstly Russell Ventilla came up with something so leftfield that we felt that we had to extend the competition to allow for his mix be a winner. Secondly, well done to Ali Herron of Ooft fame whose remix just pipped the other finalists with his deep remix embodying the sound of now. Check em out here.

Become a member of Tronicsole

Become a member of Tronicsole and benefit from the following:
Copy of new Tronicsole Sessions Album as Mixed By Hiro.
Reduced entry to our events including the above party with Sei A.
Upfront Access to exclusive DJ mixes.
Be first to know about all our events. like this one.
Upfront access to additional unreleased versions of tracks and additional mixed version of albums.
Have a say in what guest DJs play at our nights.
Have a say in what producers remix and record for Tronicsole.
Basically, be in our gang.

Some new bits on Traxsource for you...

Hiro's Wonkypiano and Bodybeat and Chuck Cogan's No More Heroes backed with No Time.

Some new DJ Mixes....

.....from Hiro and Sei A are up on our podcast site here.

Tronicsole @ The Admiral with Sei A (live) and Hiro May 16th

Its nearly that time of the month again. This time with Sei A live. Shalt be good! Facebook Event

New Hiro DJ Mix for April

For your perusal here.

Last month's Tronicsole @ The Admiral with Milton Jackson

Here is a wee trailer we got made from last months Tronicsole @ The Admiral with Milton Jackson.


....To everyone who came down to our Milton Jackson night at the Admiral last Saturday. It was off the hook as our friends stateside would say. Pictures and video will be forthcoming. Next up Billy Shane, April 18th.

Billy Shane is a sleazy bugger!

Well actually he makes sleazy tunes, hence the title to his new ep, 'It aint Easy Being This Sleazy' on Tronicsole. Check it out here and you can also find out what dem dj people thought about it by clicking on this.

Milton Jackson Remix Competition on Tronicsole

Tronicsole is looking for new production talent and have decided to undertake a Remix Competition to update a Tronicsole classic, Milton Jackson's 1998. Click here to find out more details and enter the competition. The winner will get his remix released alongside the remix package of this classic track.

New Hiro release on Tronicsole

Its out now on Beatport. Listen to it. Buy it. Its really good.

Hiro has done a new mixtape.

Hiro has done a new mixtape. Listen and download?

Aaron Ross plays new Hiro release on Tronicsole on Defected Radio

Bodybeat from the new Hiro release on tronicsole gets aired on Defected radio. Check it out by clicking this.

Chris Harris DC EP out now on Tronicsole!

Have a listen here!

Real Bar Grooves Out Now!

Real Bar Grooves is a forthcoming compilation album on solemusic that brings together a collection of tracks both new and old that define the sound found in some of the finer bars round the world. As our dancefloors get harder, faster and sometimes just plain commercial the modern bar has become the spiritual home of the quality end of dancemusic particularly in the soulful sphere of house music. The first of the EPs has tracks from new Swedish producer Chuck Cogan whose satellite track gets the edit once over from Stevie Sole. The second track on this ep sees Stevie Sole team up with Gav Mac again for a bumping bargroove that will work perfectly both in a bar and warm up set vibe. Finally we see a remastered version of DJ Spinna’s first ever house production released on tronicsole. DJ spinna came to Dj in Glasgow nigh on ten years ago, he ended up staying for two weeks and Stevie Sole persuaded him to try his hand at house. The rest as they say is history. Check it out here!

Hiro named as one to watch for 2009 in IDJ Magazine

Tronicsole's very own Hiro has been named as one to watch for 2009 by the eponymous IDJ Magazine. Check the article here!

Interview with Stevie Sole in the Daily Record

Check out an interview with Stevie Sole in the Daily Record, Scotlands biggest daily newspaper. Read All About It!

Hiro Best of 08 Beatport Chart

Have a gander here.

New DJ Mixes for you

Three new DJ mixes for you. For the deeper heads, Hiro has done a best of 2008 mix here. For the more eclecticly minded, Stevie Sole has done a Moskito mix containing the finest mid tempo grooves of 2008. Finally Stevie Sole has done a best of 2008 House mix. Enjoy.

Sei A Everything I See

Check it out here!
As played passionately by the likes of John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Milton Jackson, Deetron, Ewan Pearson, Orde Meikle, C- Rock, Ashley Beedle, Johnny Fiasco, Rocco and Jef K to name but a few.

Billy Shane Sleepless VIDEO!

Two new Sole Classics!

Continuing our sole classics digital releases, we have Stevie Sole and Geoff M' s sub club classic Automatic and the brilliant Sandy Rivera's remixes of Cooly's Hot Box Deeper. Check them out here!

Tronicsole on Traxsource

To celebrate tronicsole latest releases being available on traxsource, we have done a cracking bundle with all the finest moments of 2008 plus a couple of exclusives including the brilliant Hiro remixes of Sei A's Everything You See. Have a listen by clicking this!

Billy Shane Sleepless EP on Tronicsole

With it being one of the best received records we have released on tronicsole what with Nic Fianculli. Dubfire, Roger Sanchez, mark farina, John Digweed, Solomun, Jimpster, Franck Roger, ATFC, milton Jackson, Shur-i-kan, Ashley Beedle, Orde Meikle (Slam), Rocco (Rodamaal), Satoshi Tomiie, laurent garnier, Funk D'Void/ Francois Dubois, Johnny Fiasco, SCOPE, Markus Enochson, Fabrice Lig, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Onionz, Christian Prommer raving about it we are happy to unleash it upon you house music afficianados. Have a listen by clicking on this.

Aaron Ross plays new Sei A release on Tronicsole

Aaron Ross played the new Sei A track, Everything I see in it's Hiro mix form on defected radio last saturday. Check out the show here!

Hiro does new DJ mix for November

Check it here!

Stevie Sole DJ Mix for October

Stevie Sole has done a new DJ mix as heard on XFM Scotland October 18th 2008. You can listen and download by clicking on this wee bit of text.

Liquid People Pres Danism 'Hypnotize' New Mixes!!!!!!

Stevie Sole, Bahsonik and Redsoul get to grips the sublime Hypnotize sung by Heidi Vogel and produced by Danism. Check it out here!

Hiro and Dominic Martin 'Detroit/In Tha Groove'

Hiro teams up with Glasgow producer for this two tracker EP for the deeper floor. Dominic Martin has previously had releases on Nordic Trax and Lost My Dog amongst other labels and is one of the leading lights in the Glasgow's nu skool of production. Hiro has enjoyed recent success with both collaborations with and remixes for Milton Jackson as well as his solo eps. You can purchase by venturing here!

Cooly's Hot Box vs Basement Jaxx - DROIDO EDIT

To celebrate the imminent Digital release of all the Cooly's Hot Box remixes from the sole catalogue on Beatport we have turned to re-edit man of the moment, Droido.Fresh from his Radiohead reworks as supported by James Zabiela (his tune of 2008 (DJ mag)), Laurent Garnier and Ben Watt to name but a few this gives the sublime Basement Jaxx mix a tech edge for 2008. Droido also records under the Sei A guise which has had releases on Missive, Urbantorque, Silver Network, Tronicsole and his own label Seinan Music.
You can buy and listen

Stevie Sole vs Alabama 3 Live!

An impromtu freestyle during my Dj set at Live @ Loch Lomond. Check it here.

Stevie Sole beatport chart for August

Check it here.

Cooly's Hot Box 'We Dont Have To Be Alone' New mix

Continuing the digital issue of cooly's hot box records on sole, We Dont Have to be Alone gets a 2008 tune up courtesy of Stevie Sole. Get that mix in addition to the Bassment Jaxx, G Dubs and original mixes here.

Stevie Sole on Radio 1

I did a mix for Radio 1 in Scotland's 'My Dj is'. Its a seven minute megamix which is representative of my residency in moskito, Bath Street Glasgow. It was on the wireless last night across the land. Here it is in all it's glory. Nice.

Louie Vega loves one of our records

Well he put it in his chart on traxsource here. Cooly's Hot Box What A Surprise 2008. Get on it!

Cooly's Hot Box 'What a Surprise 2008'

The classic record by Cooly's Hot Box, 'What A Surprise' gets a revocal and remaster in it's Frankie Feliciano remix form. Check it here.

Cooly's Hot Box 'The Remixes'

After a long time waiting, Cooly's hot box 'The Remixes' finally gets a release exclusively on traxsource. You can find it here.

Shur i Kan Plays Randoms in a club in Eastern Europe

Watch it happen by clicking on these letters.

Milton Jackson Randoms

Milton Jackson's Randoms is the hottest producer in house's latest dancefloor weapon which has an Acid warhead. Already supported by John digweed, Laurent Garnier, Felix Basement Jaxx, Jimpster, Sandy Rivera, C-Rock, Rocco, Shur I kan, Joey Negro, Yousef, Johnny Fiasco, Rodamaal, Mike Monday, Franck Roger, Spirit Catcher, Tricksi, Jim Rivers, Harri, Dj Meri, Dave Storm, Satoshi Fumi, Terrence T, Williams, Gareth Sommerville, Murray Richardson, Luke McKeehan, Sei A, Djinxx, Onionz, Neil Quigley and Scope to name but a few. Listen to it here.

Solemusic Classic Remixes

Another bundle of goodies available for you here.

Terrence T Gets Remixed By Milton jackson

Milton jackson gets his mitts round Terrence T's awesome future tech classic Stars. Check it by clicking on this different coloured piece of text. There is a handy Hiro edit too.

Tommi White Feat Seth Sharpe 'Every Sunday'

Solemusic is back in 08 with this set of remixes of the sublime soulful classic, Every Sunday. Ski Oakenfull, Stevie Sole (he's really really good) and Icelandic brother Sean Danke turn out a varying set of mixes that will sort out all the floors that matter. Check it here.

Tronicsole @ The Admiral with Jimpster Feb 21st

Tronicsole returns to Glasgow nightlife after a hiatus of four years with a new home and a cracking debut guest in the shape of Freerange records Jimpster. As Tronicsole the label is again at the forefront of the house music world, it was time to showcase the music and talent involved with the 12 year old record label and no better man to join resident dj Hiro than the uber cool South Londoner Jimpster. The last few years his label Freerange has become the leading imprint in the deep house world and with that ascendancy has found the man himself circling the globe many times to ply his sublime DJ skills to sophisticated clubbers worldwide. AND it's only £5 to get in! Facebook Link!

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